Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh, what an adventure

This morning, I drove my van to work for the first time in well over a month.  To be honest, since our office moved downtown this is only the third time I have driven my vehicle.  It will also be the last time.  Mother of all that is holy....It took me an hour and a half!  My stress level is through the roof today and I have never been so happy to park my vehicle in my life.  Ok, well that's not true...I can recall a snow storm or two that ended up being a three hour commute, but in the past six months this is the happiest I have been to park. 
It is well known that my sense of direction, well frankly, it sucks.  My brother got all the sense of direction genes and I got zilch.  So, to tell you that I got lost on my way to work shouldn't really be much of a surprise.  To tell you that I got lost twice, again shouldn't really be a surprise.  But, did I mention that I was using my GPS while I got lost....twice?  That takes some serious, serious talent and I bet you wish you had my talent.
Don't be a hater.
But, while I love my train I do have one slight thing to, um, talk about?  Yeah, to the transit policeman who walks around every afternoon wearing sunglasses inside and carrying a cup of coffee....you are NOT bad ass.  All you do is walk around with your little phone and buzz people's passes to make sure they paid their fare.  What do you do if someone comes up with an unpaid fare?  Do you dump your cup of coffee on them?  I like the other cop much more than you.  He's at least nice and he smiles when buzzing my card.
That's all for now.  Tomorrow I am taking the train again even though we have happy hour after work.  Hmm...drunk blogging anyone?

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