Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Sorry for not blogging yesterday afternoon, I feel like I'm boring you all with the twice daily blogs, so I'll consolidate down to one a day.  It's been an interesting couple of rides. 
Last night I learned that some wives don't really police their husbands clothing very well.  One guy had his pants hiked so high and belted so tight that I wasn't really sure how he could take a deep breath.  I swear, if my husband ever thought of leaving the house like that I'd make him move to the basement.  (Love you, honey).  The other guy, oh yes now I remember, guy had a VELCRO wallet.  Once you're past the age of 10 you should no longer carry a velcro wallet.  I was laughing too hard over that one, but not too hard because I really had to go to the bathroom.  But since I wasn't smart enough to realize that there actually are bathrooms on the train and where they are located, I had a very uncomfortable ride home.  One of these days, I will venture into the bathroom and give you a full report.  I know you are just DYING to hear all about it.
This morning, I became one of THOSE people....yup, that's right I fell asleep.  I am really hoping that I wasn't snoring or drooling on myself.  Although, it is feasible that I did in fact do both.  Well, my shirt wasn't wet when I woke up, so I guess that means no drooling and no one was giving me funny looks, so I guess that means no snoring.  WHEW!  I think I'm in the clear.....I hope.  Just in case you are wondering, yes I did wake up in time to get off at my scheduled stop.  I just couldn't help falling asleep, I had my headphones on (Thank you Adele!) and the train just kinda rocks back and forth like a cradle.  I can see myself falling asleep more often than not.  Crap!

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