Monday, October 3, 2011

Good Monday morning

As promised, this morning I sat on the top layer! Two things are immediately evident 1. This is where all the cool people sit, clearly I don't belong. 2. The ride is much smoother up here and since it's dark out, I can't see how high I am. Rest assured, when we make it to the bridges over water my butt will be freaking the eff out. There are a lot of seats up here and more tables. More people talk up here too but it's still really quiet.
Oohkay, we are at the next station and I can see that it is well lot and I am really high off the ground. If this sucker derails I am done for. Probably won't sit up here again.
Someone just broke one of the rules of the train! They are sitting across from me! There is a possibility of knees touching. Not cool lady. She apparently knows the woman sitting next to her because they won't shut up. The friend didn't have time to finish getting dressed either. She came in sat down and took off her shoes to put her socks on. But the best part is how she would take her sock and wipe the dirt off the bottom of her feet before putting them on. Now she's applying makeup. She might want to get up a little earlier.
Bumpy train and eyeliner. I'm totally picturing the scene from Airplane with the old woman putting on lipstick and it goes up her cheek with every bump. Ooh, it's so hard not to laugh out loud right now. I'm thinking her hair took her a really long time. Wow, now she is tweezing her eyebrows, I think she is the best I've seen on the train yet. I am in awe.
I have to figure out how to get a monthly pass, this paying for it day to day is going to make balancing the checkbook a complete PiTA!

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