Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday afternoon

I went crazy this afternoon and sat in one of the table seats. You're jealous, I can tell.
But I have a great view of the door. I think on Monday I will go really crazy and sit on the top level. Man, I'm such a rebel.
Oh boy, we are in for some treats today, kids. First, my Nook is apparently mad at me for not usin it for a while since the font was so big when I turned it on that each page was only a few words. Well, finnie that, as my Dad always says.
Another random thought - I'm always scared I am getting on the wrong train. However, it is possible since I get on at the first stop going both ways. As if this some train is going to jumP the tracks and take me to Hogwarts.
On to the clientele today....I know you've been waiting for it. The lady across from me is knitting. Seriously. I think she is still learning because her knitting needles have a big hoop on them. Behind that we have mrs mom jeans. I didn't know stores still sold those. Well, better than stirrup pants and legwarmers, I guess, but only marginally. One of the guys has his sunglasses pointing backwards on his head. Hmm...wondering if he has eyes back there. But, my favorite is the guy who has his lunchbag over his arm. Pretty sure no one wants to take your smelly lunchbag dude.
And the brand new coffee mug I just got from my company leaks like a sieve. WTF. High quality.
Have a great weekend! I, for one, can't wait to see what happens next week!

Friday morning

Ooh almoast misses the train this morning because I couldn't find my car keys to actually get to the station. I made it though! Whew!
Everyday this ride seems to take less and less time. We are already at the last stop before downtown. Crazy.
I have become one of the readers of the train. I can't complain though, at least I'm not pretending I can sing like Adele again.
I'm wondering how long it will be before I get sick. Everyday someone comes in sucking coughs drops or hacking up a lung. I hate the smell of cough drops, especially the cherry Vicks ones. I want to wrap my face in plastic wrap so I don't inhale their illnesses. That would make breathing in general rather difficult though. Must come up with a better plan. I'll put that on the to do list.
The last set of passengers just got in and I am left with no seat mate. What a disappointment. Well, at least my day is looking better (right, Mom?) - mr peen could've been sitting across from me.
And my final thought, doesn't matter if you are in a train or a car, bridges over water still suck. It would just suck worse if the train fell into the water instead of a car. In know, it's a happy thoughts kind of Friday.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday afternoon

Well this is the most boring bunch. 9 people in this area with me and everyone of them is reading. Wow. It's literally a library on rails.
So let me tell you a bit about the train itself. It's two levels, four cars of beige and blue. I am amused every morning when I see the sign that says "bombardier". Makes me giggle because I think of the scene in Meet the Parents about saying bomb on an airplane. There are two seats by the stairs that face the wall. I don't sit in them for two reasons, first it is always the backwards facing seat and it makes me nauseous. Second, I can't see anyone. I'm CIA - I never sit with my back to a door or most of the people. Yeah, I'm weird, I know. Them there are two sets of seats facing each other, one on each side of the car. Then two more sets with tables in between, I guess sometimes you just need a table. My favorite part is that the brakes sound like a dying cow. Truly awesome.
The rules of the train appear to be simple. Look around, but don't talk to anyone except the conductor. Also, you always put your belongings in the seat next to you so no one will sit next to you. Nor should you ever sit directly across from someone. That may cause your knees to touch and that is a big no-no. Oh and right before the train gets to your stop you get up and herd to the door. Bennie bus rules apparently don't apply on public transit.
In the morning, most people are yawning a lot and drinking coffee or going back to sleep. The afternoons, people are more talkative to those they know - except for my hearse car this day. I'm too scared to sleep on here. I'm afraid someone will steal my stuff.
Ok funny - one of the people fell asleep while reading her book. Must be a really boring book.

Thursday morning

So a few of you told me to start a blog to record the daily sightings on public transit. Most of you already know where I live, but I won't say directly where.
This morning wasn't as eventful as yesterday. Today was a bunch of readers, a sleeper and the lady sitting across from me. She was a gem. The lipstick was a bright fuchsia that did not go well with her complexion. She also smelled like cough drops and had some slimy looking stuff on her jacket. I'm not sure if it was phlegm or cat puke. It started to dry while we were commuting, gross.
I'm thinking no heavy jacket this winter. I work up quite a sweat walking from the drop off to the office. Whew. Thank God I bought ice cube trays for the office!
Look for another post during the afternoon commute!