Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday afternoon

I went crazy this afternoon and sat in one of the table seats. You're jealous, I can tell.
But I have a great view of the door. I think on Monday I will go really crazy and sit on the top level. Man, I'm such a rebel.
Oh boy, we are in for some treats today, kids. First, my Nook is apparently mad at me for not usin it for a while since the font was so big when I turned it on that each page was only a few words. Well, finnie that, as my Dad always says.
Another random thought - I'm always scared I am getting on the wrong train. However, it is possible since I get on at the first stop going both ways. As if this some train is going to jumP the tracks and take me to Hogwarts.
On to the clientele today....I know you've been waiting for it. The lady across from me is knitting. Seriously. I think she is still learning because her knitting needles have a big hoop on them. Behind that we have mrs mom jeans. I didn't know stores still sold those. Well, better than stirrup pants and legwarmers, I guess, but only marginally. One of the guys has his sunglasses pointing backwards on his head. Hmm...wondering if he has eyes back there. But, my favorite is the guy who has his lunchbag over his arm. Pretty sure no one wants to take your smelly lunchbag dude.
And the brand new coffee mug I just got from my company leaks like a sieve. WTF. High quality.
Have a great weekend! I, for one, can't wait to see what happens next week!

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  1. I'm checking in on Sunday just to tell you I can't wait for Mondays blog!!!! :)