Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday morning

Ooh almoast misses the train this morning because I couldn't find my car keys to actually get to the station. I made it though! Whew!
Everyday this ride seems to take less and less time. We are already at the last stop before downtown. Crazy.
I have become one of the readers of the train. I can't complain though, at least I'm not pretending I can sing like Adele again.
I'm wondering how long it will be before I get sick. Everyday someone comes in sucking coughs drops or hacking up a lung. I hate the smell of cough drops, especially the cherry Vicks ones. I want to wrap my face in plastic wrap so I don't inhale their illnesses. That would make breathing in general rather difficult though. Must come up with a better plan. I'll put that on the to do list.
The last set of passengers just got in and I am left with no seat mate. What a disappointment. Well, at least my day is looking better (right, Mom?) - mr peen could've been sitting across from me.
And my final thought, doesn't matter if you are in a train or a car, bridges over water still suck. It would just suck worse if the train fell into the water instead of a car. In know, it's a happy thoughts kind of Friday.

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