Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday morning

So a few of you told me to start a blog to record the daily sightings on public transit. Most of you already know where I live, but I won't say directly where.
This morning wasn't as eventful as yesterday. Today was a bunch of readers, a sleeper and the lady sitting across from me. She was a gem. The lipstick was a bright fuchsia that did not go well with her complexion. She also smelled like cough drops and had some slimy looking stuff on her jacket. I'm not sure if it was phlegm or cat puke. It started to dry while we were commuting, gross.
I'm thinking no heavy jacket this winter. I work up quite a sweat walking from the drop off to the office. Whew. Thank God I bought ice cube trays for the office!
Look for another post during the afternoon commute!

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