Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ooh that smell….can you smell that smell?

Well geez, it’s about damn time I blog again, huh?  I have two quick things to say before I get into the meat of my blog today.  First, Thank you for the overwhelming words of support and encouragement I got after my last blog post.  I have been assured that it is perfectly okay for me to make my blog back into what it used to be, even after my last rather heavy blog post.  Second, after reading through my old blog posts all I can say is wow.  Seriously, how do you guys follow the rambling thoughts of my mind.  I could barely follow it and I wrote it!  However, you guys must find something redeeming about it because you’re reading it right now.
Ladies and Gentlemen…here it is… your long awaited, much anticipated blog post.  (Crowd goes wild….)
As you well know, I haven’t actually blogged in almost 2 months and it was a bit before that yet when I last blogged about my adventures on the train.  Well, I have had a few adventures lately, but we will take them one at a time.  The thing getting to me most right now is smelly people.  I thought about the instances of smelly people on or around the train lately and then I started to get paranoid.  Do I smell too?  Gosh, I really hope not.  Someone would tell me if I did, right?  I mean you are all my friends if you saw me and I was smelly, you’d tell me.  I know Heather would…. :P 
The adventures of smelly people started last week one evening.  I don’t really remember which evening only that I wasn’t sitting in my usual spot. …there’s your first problem.  Now that I think about it, all smelly people encounters have been when I’m not sitting in my usual spot.  Hmm….perhaps it’s not me after all.  Honestly, I can’t remember if the train was empty or full that night.  What I do remember is getting on and thinking to myself “WTF?  It smells like tacos in here.”  I’m not even sure how to gloss over this and make it PC, so I’ll just tell you.  Right before we got to the last stop of the night, the very heavy Hispanic woman opened her bag and pulled out a taco.  I’m thinking it was homemade, because honestly at that point I was really freaking hungry and it smelled so good.   What really got to me was not that I found the source of the taco or even that she was eating a taco, much to my envy.  What really made me shake my head was that she just started eating the filling with her fingers.  Now, maybe it’s just me, but if I have a damn good smelling taco in my bag I’m going to devour the whole thing, not just nibble the filling.  It really did make me laugh, and now I want a taco.
The second smelly instance was just after Christmas break.  I was having a lazy day and I didn’t want to make the 20 minute walk to my office, so I hopped on the connecting train for a shorter walk.  As I’m standing on the platform waiting for the connecting train a family comes and stands in front of me.  They were apparently on some sort of winter break vacation and it was very clearly their first time ever in the big city.  I’m not really sure why, but it was about 25* that day and the male figure in the family had on short sleeves and no jacket.  Who doesn’t wear a jacket in the middle of winter?!    I get that it’s been extremely mild this year, but really?  I mean, really?!  Anyway, from this family eminated the pervasive smell of onions.  I think mama made them some fajitas or onion soup the night before for supper.  Could be that one of the older boys was in desperate need of some deodorant…
Which leads me to smelly instance number three and this one occurred just last night.  Once again, the train was packed, as everyone is evidently back to work after the holidays.  Since my usual spot was full, curse them all, I had to go sit up on top.  We all know from past experience that NOTHING good ever comes from me sitting on the upper level of this bitch.  I sit down in the first open seat I can find and it is across from a young person.  I’m just going to call them a young person, because honestly I have no clue the gender of this young person.  Back to the point, this young person or someone around us, but I’m pretty sure it was the young person, seriously needed to stop at Target and get some deodorant.  Why or why is it so hard for people to just buy a nice smelling stick of something and use it!?   Is this the latest and greatest trendy thing to do?  I’ve heard on more than one occasion recently that deodorant is bad for you, but really do you know how bad it is for the rest of the general public when you don’t take 15 seconds out of your morning routine to put it on?  (Lisa, you are excluded from this train of thought because you aren’t smelly and I love ya).  Any insight?  Anyone?
How was that for a comeback blog?  I’m really hoping that I didn’t offend anyone this was kind of a touchy topic and I did go back and forth several times about whether or not I should even post it.  But there ya go….all in all, I’m just not a fan of smells.


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