Friday, November 11, 2011

The epitome of grace and elegance

Now, you guys can attest to my utter lack of grace. I've knocked down coatracks, slipped on wooden floors in heels, fallen down stairs, tripped walking upstairs and countless other issues. No one can ever claim I am graceful because I'm so not. Anyway, tonight was the best of all...yes even better than the infamous I was hustling to the train, I got my foot caught in a rug and did a header into the door. Since I no longer carry a purse (yeah I know mom fail) I was able to catch myself bEfore my face hit the door. My wrist however is slightly jammed. Eh well, what do ya do? Why on earth are you laughing so hard? Not nice Heather!
Now, on to the people... Yesterday as I was walking to the train I saw some of the dance squad for the local NBA team. Um. They sounded like airheads and they looked like oompa loompas. Is that what society deems attractive these days? Well I'm pretty pale and I'm not sure I have ever been that tanned. Well, just another thing on my pity party list of why I am not "hot".
Oh I just threw uP in my mouth- the girl across from me is wanting her hubby to make tuna helper for supper. I didn't know anyone actually ate that stuff! Gross.
Finally, I have become one of "them". First the stuff on my coat and yesterday I slept the entire trip! I hope to God I wasn't snoring or drooling....hmm, I bet that's why people stare at me! I'm that lady who drools! Damn it.
Have a great weekend! I know I will. :).

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